Guest Post Submissions

If you are considering submitting an article for publication on The Pet Show’s website, please be advised of the following requirements:

  • Any mention of “partners” or “advertisers” of any kind needs to be approved by Warren prior to publication, and is at his discretion. Warren is very particular about the products and links found on his website.
  • You may submit only completed articles.
  • You MUST include a short but descriptive author biography, which includes your qualifications for writing on this topic. You MUST be qualified to write on the topic.
  • You MUST include public domain images to be used with your article.
  • Your article MUST be EXCLUSIVE to
  • You may include links to your own website, provided it has been approved by Warren. You may NOT include links to other eCommerce sites. Be advised that Warren does not usually approve of overtly commercial sites.

Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will be ignored. There is a $50 placement fee for entering the article on our website. If the submission is accepted and approved by Warren, you will be invoiced for payment before the article appears. Please use the contact form below for any additional questions and to submit your articles.


***Please be aware that Warren has extremely limited time to devote to reading and approving submissions. It may take up to 90 days or longer for him to review the piece. You acknowledge your understanding of this by submitting the article.***