Jade, Hero German Shepherd, Saves Newborn Baby Abandoned In Birmingham Park In England

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A keen-eared German Shepherd has been credited with saving a newborn’s life after the infant was abandoned in a park in Birmingham, England.

According to the Birmingham Mail, Roger Wilday, a 68-year-old grandfather, had been walking his 9-year-old German Shepherd, Jade, last week when the dog suddenly sprinted toward some bushes. Jade is said to have laid down next to what appeared to be a discarded carrier bag and refused to return to her owner’s side.

As Wilday approached his dog, he realized that the carrier wasn’t empty.

“I walked over and saw a carrier bag — then I saw it move,” Wilday told the Birmingham Mail. “I thought it was a bag of kittens, but then I saw her little arms and a head, and the baby started to cry.”

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