Warren Talks: Housebreaking Regression, Litterbox Lapses, Flying Furballs & Chew-A-Paloozas. What’s going on with our pets?

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Has your perfectly housebroken dog started peeing on the carpet? Is your fastidious kitty pooping outside the litter box? Are you finding tufts of fur flying around the house? Hearing lots of chewing, licking, and gnawing going on? Especially to the detriment of your shoes, or the remote control?

Welcome to the world of Pet Anxiety folks!
We can’t deny what is going on around us is affecting our pet’s behavior. We are experiencing fear over Covid-19, the novel Coronavirus. We’re distressed by lockdowns, unemployment, and shortages. We are outraged and filled with sadness over the death of George Floyd. The riots and civil unrest here in Santa Monica, in NYC, and all over the country are causing us fear and trauma.
We don’t live in a bubble, our pets live with us. Our stress, anxiety, feelings, routines are all changing, and it’s causing changes in our pets.
In this video, Warren tells you how to cope with Housebreaking Regression, Litterbox Lapses, and Chew-a-palooza to get things back on track with your pets.