Protecting Your Pets from Dangerous Mosquito Bites

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How to Protect Your Pets from Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes aren’t only drawn to humans, they also bite animals, including our pets. Mosquito bites for animals are just as aggravating and irritating as they are to us, and animals can also acquire diseases from mosquitoes, such as West Nile virus and heartworm, which are transmitted by mosquitoes. And, since we, humans, are capable of protecting ourselves, but our pets are more vulnerable when it comes to mosquitoes and keeping them away, it is our duty to make sure that these irritating insects are not bugging our animals.

Don’t use human products on pets

One of the most important things regarding how to protect your pets from mosquitoes is not to use human products on our animals. Although we might have good intention in mind, most of the insect repellents designed for humans contain different chemicals and DEET, which might not be toxic to humans but can cause harm to animals. Therefore, human mosquito repellents are meant to be used on humans only.

Apply bug sprays designed for animals

But how do we protect our furry friends from mosquitoes then? The answer is by using mosquito repellents, which are specifically manufactured for animals. Nowadays, many pet stores offer insect repellents, which are designed for animals. These products are mostly meant to fight ticks and fleas, however, many of them do also deter mosquitoes. However, I would advise you to still check the label of the product before purchasing it and see if the product is meant for your specific pet. You should do so, because products containing permethrins or pyrethrins are safe for dogs, but ones containing permethrins, for example, should not be applied on cats, as they are toxic to them. But, since there are many different choices of pet insect repellents out there, among them even ones that last for a month, you should be able to find a product, which suits your needs perfectly.

Natural methods

If you don’t want to use artificial products on your pets, there are also natural products and methods how to keep mosquitoes away. One of them is that you can DIY natural mosquito repellent yourself, using natural ingredients mixed with water. On top of that, you can use natural essential oils on your pets that are obtained from plants like lemongrass, soybean, geranium or other mosquito deterring plants. And you can also just buy natural mosquito repellents for pets, or other pet insect repelling products which don’t contain any DEET or chemicals, like citronella dog collars. These type of products will be safe for both humans and animals and they will efficiently protect your pet against mosquito bites.

Keep the house and backyard clear

Additionally, by minimizing the overall number of mosquitoes in your house and backyard you can lessen the chances of your pets getting bitten. Firstly, keep your grass short and compost covered, as mosquitoes like to hide in long grass and compost during the summer heat. Or use something like a mosquito spray for yard, which will guarantee that mosquitoes won’t favor your backyard. Also, make sure to safe proof your house with mosquito nets if you like to keep your doors and windows open during the summer, otherwise mosquitoes will find their way indoors and your animals won’t have a refuge from the mosquitoes. Then, it is a great idea to not take your pet out for a walk when the mosquitoes are at their most active, which is during dusk and dawn. And most importantly, get rid of all the standing water and possible water accumulation places around your home, as mosquitoes need still water to breed in and create offspring.

Use different mosquito traps and zappers

And lastly, you can also employ mosquito repelling devices such as mosquito traps and zappers, that will decrease the overall amount of mosquitoes in your garden and hence your pets will be more protected. Mosquito traps and zappers attract mosquitoes by using carbon dioxide and light and then trap mosquitoes or kill them via electricity. These mosquito killer tools are completely safe for humans and animals and have proven to be extremely efficient, which makes them a great alternative to use, if you want to keep your pets safe from mosquitoes.

Overall, there are many different ways on how to protect your pet from getting attacked by mosquitoes. Remember to not use human mosquito deterring product on your animals. Try to keep your house and backyard as clean as possible. Take your pets for a walk during the times when mosquitoes are the most inactive. And employ different mosquito repelling methods, that will help you keep these pesky insects at bay.


Author’s bio: Karen Thopson is the main editor of, a blog about mosquito control and protection. She has wide range of knowledge in all things mosquitoes, which she uses to help others to avoid these insect at all costs.