The Advantages of Pet Aerobics

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The best thing about pet aerobics is that you and your dog or cat can have fun together. A relationship based solely on feeding and disciplining isn’t really worth the effort.  Why have a pet at all if you’re not enjoying each other? Pet aerobics offers an excellent opportunity for the two of you to become friends and share experiences, not just for the work of learning the commands like “sit”,”stay”, and “come”, but the exuberance of a refreshing swim or a run along a country road on a crystal clear morning. And speaking of those commands, you will find that after instituting an exercise program, your pet will be more likely to obey when told to do something.

If you’ve been meaning to start an exercise program yourself, you will find that it is wonderful to have a companion. You and your dog or cat can begin slowly together, building up stamina and endurance with each workout. You may be astounded to see your formerly neurotic pet suddenly do a complete turnaround when he is included in your daily activity schedule.  A good exercise program will provide a healthy outlet for your problems, and your pet’s as well.

An aerobic exercise program will also help your pet adapt to his environment, for there is a socialization factor involved in spending time in the outside world. A nervous dog who shies away when strangers enter the house may feel at ease if he meets them in the park; a territorial cat who can’t stand the presence of other animals may become playful with a dog he meets on the street. Aerobic exercise can help pets who have previously been terrified of thunderstorms, firecrackers, motorcycles, and loud trucks. This exposure to the real world as well the release of energy offered by aerobics, will help your dog or cat adjust to unexpected noises and experiences. As your pet becomes less fearful, his overall confidence will increase, and he will be better able to confront new situations such as: travel, visiting other people’s homes, and having other animals visit his. There’s really no limit to what can be expected from a well adjusted, well exercised pet who is comfortable outdoors and around other people and animals.