Gift Rules & Procedures

We greatly appreciate all the callers who make The Pet Show fun and exciting and generously allow callers to receive free gifts twice per year. After a caller’s yearly quota has been reached, they will receive a letter stating when they will next qualify to receive a free gift. Callers only receive the gifts awarded during the show. Warren assigns these gifts based appropriately on need and professional opinion. Staff is not allowed to take requests for gifts. At times, substitutions may be made due to the current Covid related supply chain issues. T-Shirt sizes and colors are not guaranteed. If you have not received your gift, you must notify us within 90 days.

Please understand that caller gifts are awarded thanks to the generosity of the manufacturers that support The Pet Show. You can expect an 8-12 week delivery window. Manufacturers offer these products to Warren’s listeners so they can have the luxury of trying a product before they buy.  It is not feasible for manufacturers to continually provide the same product to the same people at no cost. We are often forced to make a substitution for repeat gift recipients, if they have already received the same product. If this occurs, our office will notify the recipient.

An additional option for any gift recipient is donation. Manufacturers are happy to provide a product donation on behalf of the gift recipient. Struggling rescues greatly appreciate the assistance donated products provide to their homeless pet populations.

What To Do If You Have Not Received A Gift:

Please review the following questions:

  1. Have I already received 2 free gifts this calendar year? (If so, you have reached your limit for the year. You will receive a letter by mail.)
  2. Have I received this item previously? (If so, you may not be able to receive the same item again. You may receive a substitution, and a letter by mail.)
  3. Did I give the screener my address? (If you hung up your call too early, we won’t have a record of your call. You will need to call the show and speak with Warren again.)
  4. Did I speak clearly and spell out street & city names when giving my address? (If not, your address could have been recorded incorrectly, and your gift was delivered to the wrong address.)
  5.  Have I waited at least 8 weeks?

If you have been able to verify the above questions, please complete the Gift Item Not Received form. Please provide the exact date of your call. If you are unsure, consult the previously recorded podcasts for the KRLA show and/or the National show to locate your call, then complete the form below.

Gift Item Not Received

    We thank you for calling The Pet Show for assistance with your pet and animal questions, and Warren looks forward to receiving your next call.