1. If I can’t get through on The Pet Show’s busy phone lines to ask Warren my pet/animal question on the radio, is he available for private consultations?

Due to his demanding schedule, Warren no longer does consultations. The only way to consult with him regarding your pet and animal questions is by calling into The Pet Show. Call the California show Saturdays between 11am -1pm PST at 866-870-5752. Then from 1pm-3pm PST call the national show at 877-725-8255.

2. Where can I write to Warren?

Warren’s Hugs & Kisses, 851 E Howards Rd, Camp Verde AZ 86322 FAX: (844) 553-3344

3. We’re interested in having Warren Eckstein make a Public Appearance. How would this be arranged?

Use the information provided on the Business Inquiries page, or call 310-396-6955.

4. How can we arrange business advertising on “The Pet Show” with Warren Eckstein?

Use the information provided on the Business Inquiries page or call 310-396-6955. We will respond with information on how you can reach Warren’s radio audience, heard in over 100 cities in the USA & Canada.

5. We are a radio station interested in carrying the Pet Show with Warren Eckstein, whom should we contact?

For more information on “The Pet Show” broadcast from Radio America, syndicated throughout the USA and Canada, use the information on the Business Inquiries page, or call 310-396-6955.

6. Why isn’t the podcast updating properly?

If you have previously been able to podcast the files, you may just need to log out of your account on thepetshow.com and log back into your account, then update the podcast in iTunes.

This should reset your connection to the servers and release the files available in your podcast.

7. Why can’t I log into my account?

Please make sure you have the correct login information. If you have recently updated your email address, please try using the old email address to login and then go into your account details to update it to the new email address.

If you are using the correct login information but it is looping you back to the homepage without logging you in, please make sure you have cookies enabled in your web browser. Also be aware, the store uses a separate login from the website.