Ask Warren your pet and animal questions!

Have you ever wanted to ask Warren a question, but you were nervous about being on the radio? Now you have the opportunity to get your questions answered without getting on the air!

Just submit your question via the contact form on this page. Warren will randomly select a few questions per month to answer in a video response, which he’ll post publicly on youtube.

You can choose to submit your questions with your name, or anonymously, it’s your choice. We understand that some questions about our pet’s behavior can be delicate, or even downright embarrassing!  Just be aware, if you include your name, Warren may say it in the video.

Video responses will be posted to Warren’s YOUTUBE Channel, so check often to see if you’ve gotten a response. Use the hashtag #AskWarren

Remember, Warren is a BEHAVIORIST, not a VETERINARIAN; do not submit medical questions. Please keep your description of the situation short & sweet. Complicated problems, which require Warren to ask you questions about your pet, will need to be addressed via the radio show. Please call Warren on Saturdays at 866-870-5752 from 11am-1pm PST. From 1pm-3pm PST the number changes to 877-725-8255


    As an added convenience, the below playlist contains all the videos Warren has created to respond to your questions.