I Need Your Help

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These are the things that keep me up at night, and I can really use your help.

In one week, this overwhelming stack of grant requests to The Hugs and Kisses Animal Fund tells the tragic stories of Covid-19 devastated small town Animal Rescues, who do 90% of the fundraising work in the U.S.  Car washes, yard sales, thrift shops, school drives, bake sales, garage sales, etc., all suspended indefinitely and they are beyond desperate with no ability to raise money.

My Hugs and Kisses Animal Fund’s sole purpose is to come to the aid of small, needy groups like these in all 50 states.  I know how much you guys give already, and I am so grateful for it,  but I can use a little help at the moment…

Hugs and Kisses,
Warren Eckstein

To make a tax deductible donation online or by mail please click here, or call 800-430-4847