How to Care for Your Dogs as They Age


Age affects us all and our dogs are no exception. It can be difficult to watch your dog grow old. Old age affects everyone differently, so learning how to care for your dogs as they age can be a challenge. Does your dog have hip problems? Did your dog recently go blind? Does your dog not eat like they used to?

If my dog is suffering, so am I. I am sure you feel the same way. That is why today we will discuss how you can care for your dogs as they grow older.

Identify the Problem

To begin, you should really look for the main issue that your dog is dealing with. Scheduling a vet appointment is a good idea if you can afford a quick checkup, otherwise, try to locate the issue yourself. Some age-related problems are easy to notice:

  • Hip problems
  • Arthritis
  • Mouth issues
  • Blindness

Caring for Your Aging Dog

Many times, age can bring about multiple issues at once. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to make sure your dog is properly taken care of.

Leave It to the Professionals

If you love your dog as much as I love mine then you likely do not mind taking them to the vet. A lot of people like to take care into their own hands but sometimes that is not the right choice. As your dog gets older, you should be scheduling them more vet appointments. Not only will a vet help your dog’s current situation, but they might catch a health issue early on saving you unneeded stress.

Healthy Food Equals a Health Dog

If you are used to feeding your dog a juicy steak every now and then, you should reconsider this as they get older. Just like humans, a healthy diet is important. During one of your vet trips, discuss with your vet the best food to be feeding your dog. Human food is already not good for your dog, but it is even more detrimental as they get older. It can cause multiple diseases. Your dog will need food that is easy to digest and will agree with their stomach.

Say Cheese! Your Dog’s Smile

Most pet owners do not think about their dog’s dental health. I do not think about it much until my dog gets in my face and I can smell his breath. However, taking care of your dog’s mouth is also crucial as they get older. Dental diseases are just as bad as any other issue your dog can have. Brushing their teeth can be strange but is very helpful. If you are not able to do that than getting them dental treats is also beneficial.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Exercise! Keep your dog in shape!
  • Make changes to your home if your dog is struggling. For example, making a ramp for dogs with hip problems.
  • Always keep your dog clean of ticks and fleas. They are even more dangerous when your dog is older.

Love and Care: Conclusion

Owning a dog for a long time means watching them grow old. It can be difficult to see your dog who was once so lively become sluggish. I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of my dog since he was a baby and got to watch him grow into an old but healthy dog. You should never put yourself through the pain of seeing your old friend hurting. That is why I made this post. So, you can understand the importance of taking care of your dog as they grow older.

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