Fire Preparedness for your pets

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Here are a few tips to consider if you live in an area prone to wildfires or other natural disasters:

Planning: Be proactive! Start a neighborhood program to make sure everyone has vital information including e-mail and all phone numbers. Create an email list for your neighborhood that will give everyone easy access to important information such as pets’ names and ages, their favorite hiding places, their vaccine history, and where to take them in the event they need to be evacuated.

Circulate schedules so all people in the neighborhood know if you are out of town or who is home during the day. If you are on vacation, make sure your house sitter or pet sitter has a copy of this information.

Consolidate the Essentials: Create a small kit to keep near an exit. This kit may include a copy of your pet’s medical history, a supply of any daily medications your pet may require, a favorite toy and information on local boarding facilities. Photos of your animals may be important if someone other than you attempts to rescue them from your home prior to your family being permitted to return home.

Keep Collars and Tags Near the Door: Some guardians remove their dog’s identification at night for comfort or because of the jingling of the tags. If this is a habit in your household, you may want to keep the collars, leashes, harnesses, etc. near the door you would exit through. This way, if you need to leave in a hurry, everything is in one place. A currently registered and up to date microchip listed in a national database can help reunite you and your pet should you be separated.

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