Spring Weather Pet Alert

Julie Alerts

dog on beachWe are well into Spring! Enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoor activities with your pets but be aware of the hazards that accompany the season.

Whether you live in a private home or apartment, you’ll be tempted to open windows to let the fresh air in. Be sure to keep screens or protective bars on your windows to prevent your pets from escapes and falls. For those of you owned by cats, window bars should be narrow enough to keep Kitty from squeezing through. And bird owners should make sure their feathered friends are protected from drafts.

Outdoor activities mean opening and closing doors more frequently. Be sure that you know where your pets are at all times.

Spring means it’s time for spring-cleaning. Keep household cleansers and chemicals out of your pets’ reach.

Some common types of houseplants and outdoor bushes, flowers and shrubs can be poisonous to your pets. If you have any doubts about the safety of the plants in your home or on your property, check with your local nursery or garden center.

Tools, especially gardening tools, have sharp points that can puncture delicate paws or worse. Do not leave your tools and implements out where your pets can get to them.

Speaking of gardening, use special care when mowing the lawn and applying fertilizers and lawn chemicals. Pets or neighborhood animals walking on treated lawns can get these products on their paws, then lick it off. If enough is ingested, illness or even death can result. Read and follow the manufacturers’ directions and warnings.

The warmer weather means barbeques. Great smells wafting off the grill are dangerous temptations to our pets. Be sure to keep them away from hot grills.

As the boating and beach season begins, it’s important to remember that not all pets know how to swim. If you’re planning to take Fido out on a boat, you might want to consider getting him a doggy life-preserver – yes, they are available! And remember, fish hooks can be very painful if they become embedded in tiny paws or curious noses.

NEVER leave your pet unattended in your car. While I am against this practice in any weather, it is particularly true in the warmer weather. Don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security by leaving the windows open. This may not prevent heat stroke and may even encourage the theft of your beloved pet.

By following the above suggestions, you and your pet can safely enjoy the season!