Why Does My Pet Do That?

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Sleeping_dog_98aWhy does Fluffy jerk her legs while she’s sleeping?

Many an owner has glanced over at their sleeping pet and seen them jerk their legs or twitch their feet. Sometimes this jerking motion is so pronounced that owners become alarmed that their beloved Fluffy is having some sort of seizure. Generally speaking, this “running in her sleep” probably reflects Fluffy’s instinct to chase as manifested in her dreams.

Why does Fluffy pant?

panting dogThe thousands of sweat glands all over our bodies enable us to cool ourselves down by sweating. In contrast, dogs only possess efficient sweat glands on their feet. They therefore rely on panting as a means of regulating their body temperatures. If Fluffy begins to overheat, she opens her mouth, extends her tongue, and begins rapid, heavy panting as a cooling mechanism.


Why does Fluffy raise her front paws?
doggie hi5

“Oh, how cute — she wants to shake hands with you!” This is commonly the reaction people have when Fluffy raises her front paw. While this is a sweet notion, it’s generally an erroneous one. When Fluffy lifts her front paw, she’s often displaying a form of dominant behavior. In doggy society, when one dog meets another dog and raises his paw, he’s attempting to establish his dominance over the other dog — so don’t flatter yourself.

Why does Kitty knead?

When Kitty’s relaxing on your lap or on a soft blanket, do you ever wonder why she lifts one paw, then presses down, cat kneadingover and over again, repeating this rhythmic process while she seems to be in another world? This is called kneading, or trampling. When Kitty is content she reverts back to her kittenhood — when kneading on his mother’s belly was an important part of nursing. (Kneading actually helps Mama Kitty produce milk at the right time.)

The next time your little furball kneads on your lap and her nails stick into you like daggers, try not to yell and jump up with a start. Poor little Kitty won’t understand, and you’ll only confuse her. She’s simply shifting back to a time in her life when Mama was important. I know it’s hard, but try to take it as a positive response.

Why does Kitty rub up against me?

kitty rubs legs

Here’s another Warren Eckstein opinion that differs from that of a lot of other experts.

Many experts think that cats rub up against people and things in order to transfer their scent. By rubbing up against something, cats smear their odor all over, claiming it as part of their territory. While I don’t dispute this, I believe that Kitty rubs against things for another reason too. I simply can’t buy into the suggestion that, after living in the same house, with the same family for years, a cat needs to leave her scent all over the people and things already reeking of her Kitty odor. I believe that Kitty also rubs when she’s excited. A wound-up Kitty can’t sit at a desk and tap her fingernails on it. She can’t reach for a cigarette or a pack of gum. She’s excited and feels a need to move and do things, but her options are limited. So she rubs.

And let’s not overlook the obvious either. Sometimes you just have to scratch your back. Four tiny little paws, no matter how they stretch and strain can’t always reach the spot. Rubbing up against something can certainly do the trick.

Why does Kitty get so demanding when I’m on the phone?

You’re talking. Kitty doesn’t see anyone else around.cat on phone She comes in, jumps up, rubs around you, and in general, makes a royal nuisance out of herself. It gets to the point where you think she’s jealous or spiteful because you’re spending time doing something other than loving and playing with her.

Well, that’s simply not true! As far as Kitty is concerned you are talking to her! After all, no one else is around—so who else could you be talking to? Cats are clever but no one has yet been able to explain to them the miracles of modern technology. So the next time telephone Kitty comes around and bothers you, don’t scold her, that’s not fair. Your cat legitimately thinks that your voice is meant for her ears.