Submit Your Photos!

We need your pictures! Please submit photos of your pets enjoying their Hugs & Kisses.


  • It could be a photo of your pet being given Hugs & Kisses as a treat
  • You crumbling it into your pet’s food
  • Your pet eating from his or her dish with visible Hugs & Kisses
  • Photos or video showing how your pet comes running when it’s vitamin time
  • If you use Hugs & Kisses as training treats or rewards, we’d love to see some action photos or video of you and your pet doing your thing


On a more serious note, we know that for many of you, Hugs & Kisses has turned your and your pet’s lives around. You’ve shared with us your stories of the mange, dermatitis, hot spots and horrific skin problems and conditions that were helped with Hugs & Kisses Vitamin Mineral Supplement Treats. We’d love to have your amazing before and after photos showing how Hugs & Kisses has made a difference in your pet’s skin and coat problems, and overall quality of life.

A committee will pick a minimum of 6 photos/videos to use in our advertising. If we use your photo, you will receive a None Of My Friends Walk Upright T-shirt for yourself, and 2 jars of Hugs & Kisses for your pet!

Please submit the following photo/movie file types up to 50mb png|jpg|jpeg|mov|avi|mp4|wmv.