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pet scoop
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Yvonne from Southern CA with her first pet “White Kitty,” rescued from the Camarillo, CA Animal Shelter, when Yvonne was only 3 years old

As Halloween approaches and you prepare for the arrival of those neighborhood ghosts and goblins, you need to give a little thought to your pet’s well being, too.. READ MORE

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Wise Guys’ Animal Trainer, Warren Eckstein, Also Trained for Royalty
Top-Dog Pet Behaviorist, Humorist, and TV and Radio Personality, Warren Eckstein, has a long history of training some of the most fascinating dogs on the planet, those who belonged to Mobsters, A-list celebrities, and Royalty.  As a young man who had a remarkable talent for understanding animals, and also with his absurd sense of humor, Warren became wildly popular and created a loyal following when he posted an implausible ad that read, “Will teach your dog Yiddish for $15”.  Soon, the Mob came a-calling, as did the rest of New York.

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I asked my friends on Facebook:

“Did you know?
Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears. Want to post some funny dog faces?”

Add your pup’s funny faces too!

pup facepup face

Erin's Pup

poker facespoker faces

Chrissy's Pups


Wild ThingWild Thing



Minnie's GingerMinnie's Ginger

Minnie M's

Smiling Ginger

Pamela's PupPamela's Pup

Pamela's Pup

Minnie's AidaMinnie's Aida

Minnie M's

Aida's Underbite

Border CollieBorder Collie


Border Collie

Rhonda's pupRhonda's pup

Rhonda's Pup

Gordana's pupGordana's pup

Rhonda's Pup's

Sarcastic Mini

Dog Smile

Cathy's NicholasCathy's Nicholas

Cathy B's

Guilty Nicholas

Brooklyn & SammyBrooklyn & Sammy

Lauren B's

Brooklyn & Sammy

Stink EyeStink Eye

Laurie's Pup

Giving Stink Eye

Suzanne's Pup


Rita's Pup

So Excited

kelly's pupkelly's pup

Kelly's Pup

Bashi's PupBashi's Pup

Bashi's Pup

Smiling SophieSmiling Sophie

Annie's Pup

Smiling Sophie

Socks and SlippersSocks and Slippers

Lourdes' Pups

Socks & Slippers

Papillion ChihuahuaPapillion Chihuahua

Suzette's Pup




Mom I'm Having A Bad Dream!Mom I'm Having A Bad Dream!

Elayne's Pup

"Mom I'm having a bad dream!"

Diane's PupDiane's Pup

Diane's Pup

Peanut's Happy FacePeanut's Happy Face

Sharon's Pup

Peanut's "Happy Face"

Can I have more cookies?Can I have more cookies?

Michelle's Pup Bunny

"Can I have more cookies?"

The most interesting HendrixThe most interesting Hendrix

Juli's Pup

The most interesting Hendrix

Brody's Pearly WhitesBrody's Pearly Whites

Lori's Pup

Brody's Pearly Whites

Ruth's PupRuth's Pup

Ruth's Pup

Loki go for rideLoki go for ride

Julie's Pup Boo

"Did you say, 'Go for ride?'"

Vegas' smileVegas' smile

Dichele's Pup

Smiling Vegas


Dichele's Pup



Dichele's Pup


Thirstyn HowlThirstyn Howl

Dichele's Pup

Thirstyn Howl

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