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 dogs have soulsEvery dog must have a soul
somewhere deep inside
where all his hurts and grievances
are buried with his pride.

the nondemanding relationshipEver since man first decided to take a wild animal into his cave, he’s held a variety of expectations for his companion’s behavior.

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Police Department’s New Comfort Dog Will Cheer Up Community, Combat Officer Burnout
By Amy Jamieson•@mylomickey

Official Hug Giver — that’s one title that should definitely be on Brinkley the dog’s resume, whenever she has the time to put one together.

The 2-month-old puppy has been added to the police department in Sterling, Illinois, as a comfort dog, where her job is to reach out to the community when needed, visit schools and be an overall goodwill ambassador, according to ABC 7, who reported the story. The adorable pup will also have the responsibility of calming crime victims.

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