Rising From The Ashes

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The question that has been haunting me for years is, “How can people be so cruel?”

Having been involved in animal rescue for more than twenty-five years, I honestly thought that I had seen it all. But every day, animals are being abused in barbaric ways by people that know that it’s very rare for long jail sentences to be handed down when it comes to abusing animals.

Here’s the story of Phoenix: He was used as a “bait” dog — that means he was put in the pit so that other dogs can learn how to fight. Very often these bait dogs are muzzled or have their mouths taped up and are tied up so that they can’t defend themselves and sick minds call this a sport. His ears were cut off and he was scarred all over his body — I call it attempted murder! How any human can watch any living thing being attacked and enjoy it is beyond me — but they do it because most of the time they continue to get away with it. We need to fight for stronger laws, so that these despicable people will suffer the same way they caused the innocent Phoenix to suffer.

Phoenix wound up at a shelter, where he was given a second chance by rescuers. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped up to the plate and Phoenix with all of his abuse is doing well, physically and emotionally. Thank goodness for the small rescue groups that do the bulk of the work, yet receive little of the financial rewards of the larger groups. This is exactly why I started The Hugs and Kisses Animal Fund to help these amazing groups. My Mantra “ ABUSE AN ANIMAL GO TO JAIL “