Dinner With Your Pet

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SIDEWALK CAFEI recently read an article in The Charlotte Observer titled “Revised Rule Lets More Pets Go To Dinner” and I thought it’s about time!

Living in Santa Monica, CA I’m really lucky because I can take my dogs Skyler and Cisko to the local restaurants that have outdoor patios. I’ve been emphasizing for years how socializing with your pet is a great way to bond with each other, and your dog becomes a catalyst to meeting new people.

There will always be those people who will come up with any reason to banish dogs from outdoor restaurant areas, but let me share a story with you. I love children and have many nieces and nephews, so before you think I’m anti-kids — hear me out. How many times have you been dining out when what you hear is a child screaming? When I screamed as a kid, my father would remove me from the restaurant — it’s just good old consideration. But for some parents, they just don’t get it. Now back to the dogs. Because of our working hours and crazy schedules, we never have enough time to spend with our pets, especially quality time. SO I SAY HAVE DATE NIGHT WITH YOUR DOGS AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!

In the article Gary Kelly the author talks about taking his dog, Birdie to The Thomas Street Tavern since she was no bigger than a beer can. Past law limited access to service dogs, but that changed recently when a new rule went into effect allowing restaurants to open outdoor areas to dogs and even cats on a leash.