The Dog In A Man’s World

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Although dogs have been living with man for thousands of years, always remember that when you share your home with a dog you have taken him into your world. While amongst the most adaptable of creatures, dogs’ natural curiosity and playfulness can get them into serious trouble in a man’s world. It is, therefore, up to you not to take …

A Dog’s Soul – Author Unknown

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 A Dog’s Soul – Author Unknown

Every dog must have a soul
somewhere deep inside
where all his hurts and grievances
are buried with his pride.
Where he decides the good and bad,
the wrong way from the right,
and where his judgment carefully
is hidden from our sight.
A dog must have a secret place
where every thought abides,
a sort of close acquaintance that
He trusts in and confides.
And when accused unjustly for Himself,
He cannot speak,
Rebuked, He finds within his soul
the comfort he must seek.
He’ll love, tho’ he is unloved,
and he’ll serve tho’badly used,
and one kind word will wipe away
the times when he’s abused.
Although’ his heart may break in two
His love will still be whole,
Because God gave to every dog
an understanding Soul!

Don’t Treat Your Pet Like An Animal

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Does your Burmese cat or your German Shepherd have one little behavior pattern, one small quirk that really annoys you? Does your dog dive under the couch every time there’s a thun­derstorm? Does your cat howl every night at 3 A.M.? What is it that makes your pet act the way he does? Some people seem to enjoy the fact …

The Nondemanding Relationship

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Ever since man first decided to take a wild animal into his cave, he’s held a variety of expectations for his companion’s behavior. Early on, the pet was supposed to guard the territory, to hunt and assist in battle, and eventually to become a good friend. Now, however, people still want pets for many of the same reasons – for …

Cheering Up Charley

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No one could figure out what was the matter with little Charley. There was a notable loss of appetite, he was sleeping for longer periods of time and the pet looked restless. Charley’s owners, thinking he must be ill, had a little Basset hound checked by the vet. All the test results came back negative. Another month went by and …

Why Does My Pet Do That?

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Why does Fluffy jerk her legs while she’s sleeping? Many an owner has glanced over at their sleeping pet and seen them jerk their legs or twitch their feet. Sometimes this jerking motion is so pronounced that owners become alarmed that their beloved Fluffy is having some sort of seizure. Generally speaking, this “running in her sleep” probably reflects Fluffy’s …

Mushroom Poisoning

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        Mushroom poisoning occurs as a result of your pet ingesting toxic mushrooms. This is a common problem for dogs because they spend so much time in our yards. Check your yard for mushrooms and remove them immediately.  Most importantly be aware of the signs and symptoms of mushroom poisoning. Vomiting Diarrhea Abdominal pain Weakness Lethargy Yellowing …

When Is A Pet Not an Animal

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Your pet may not be human, but he’s not just an animal, either. You can’t expect him to sit around all day alone and then welcome you at the door with your pipe and slippers like a picture perfect pet out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Pets crave attention of any sort, so the more time spent at play or even sitting quietly with the family in the evenings; the better it is for your pets.

The problems begin when the family’s expectations for the pet are unreasonable. There has never been a dog born with batteries or a cat that runs like a computer. Pets make mistakes; just like the rest of us, they’re not perfect. If you can’t stand any kind of mess or disorder in the house, a dog or cat is probably not going to make you happy, because when an owner demands meticulous behavior all of the time, the relationship begins to break down.

When you treat your pet like an animal who must be trained into submission, you are going to have a neurotic dog or cat who never does anything right. On the other hand, when you ignore your pet and don’t treat him like a member of the family, you will have a dog or cat that misbehaves just to get the attention denied him.


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There is hardly a cat or dog who isn’t afraid of something. Phobias develop early in life, and although some appear to stem from perfectly logical sources, such as loud noises or unfamiliar settings, others seem completely inexplicable. Just as people develop phobias arising from bad experiences or irrational panic, so do pets. In today’s chaotic world, we are all …