Holiday Dangers – Do You Know What To Do If Your Pet Is Choking?

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Would you know what to do if you walked into the room and found your dog or cat choking? If you are like the majority of pet owners, you’d probably panic and perhaps scramble to locate your vet’s phone number. While you should always keep your vet’s number (and the number of the nearest 24-hour emergency clinic) prominently displayed by …

199 Plants Poisonous to Your Pets

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Courtesy of   Explanation of toxicity levels Keep in mind toxicity levels can vary based on your level of contact with a plant. For example, a plant like black henbane is fatal even in low doses, whereas some plants you need to consume a large amount to experience side effects. Here is a breakdown of the four levels: Major …


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As we enter Fall and the holiday season begins, there are steps you should take to ensure it’s a happy, healthy and safe season for both you and your pets: The holiday season means you may be doing a lot of entertaining at home. If you do any cleaning beforehand, be sure to keep all household chemicals out of your …

Halloween Alert

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WARREN ECKSTEIN’S HALLOWEEN ALERT As Halloween approaches and you prepare for the arrival of those neighborhood ghosts and goblins, you need to give a little thought to your pet’s well being, too.  By taking the following steps, you can ensure that everyone, including your four-footed family members, have a fun and safe holiday. More likely than not, you’ll have lots …

Keeping Your Pets Safe On The 4th of July

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Whether the neighborhood teens are throwing firecrackers on your street… or your entire community is enjoying “the exuberant splendor” of a big fireworks display, your pet can become frantic and run away, trying to find a safe haven.

More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year, and noisy fireworks are to blame.

According to national statistics, animal control officials across the country see a 30-60% increase in lost pets each year between July 4th and 6th. In fact, July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters.

Mark Jakubczak, Certified Pet Detective and Founder, PetAmberAlert™, is committed to increasing the chance of beloved lost pets returning home. He said, “Sadly, only 14% of lost pets are returned to their owners, according to nationwide statistics. And worse, 30-60% of lost pets are euthanized because they cannot be properly identified and returned to their owners. That’s why we’re hoping to reach more pet owners and reduce these trends with our infographic.”

PetAmberAlert’s July 4th Lost Pets Infographic called “Afraid on the 4th – Keeps Pets Safe” puts a spotlight on the alarming statistics and provides tips on how pet owners can protect their pets.

Here are 4 simple tips on how to keep pets safe… plus a bonus tip on how pet owners can have a better chance of finding a lost pet.

1) Stay inside: Try to keep your pet indoors at all times during holiday celebrations. Ideally, someone stays home with your pet. Also keep your dog leashed when going out for walks.

2) Make them feel safe: Comfort your pets with petting, hugging, talking to them in a soothing voice, providing a treat and staying nearby if possible. Make sure they can access their crate or “safe place.” Also ask your veterinarian or local pet retailer about natural calming products, anxiety wraps and other products that can help.

3) Avoid the noise. Try to drown out the fireworks sounds as much as possible by closing windows, playing music or turning on the TV.

4) Act normal! Your pet takes cues from your and your family’s actions. It will help if you go about your normal routine as much as possible, talking and playing with your pet as usual.

5) Protect your pet before the fireworks begin. There are a number of lost-pet devices and services available today, and it’s wise to be proactive in case your pet gets lost. Among the various pet-finder services available, the Pet Amber Alert ID Tag/Pet GPS combines Amber Alert technology with a QR Code and pet GPS to help MORE lost dogs, cats and even birds return home safely.

By following these tips, hopefully fewer families will face the heartbreak of losing a pet during the July 4th holiday.

9 pet safety tips for the Fourth of July

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(Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV AFP/Getty Images)The Fourth of July can be a great holiday for humans, but a stressful day for many pets. KUSA – The Fourth of July can be a great holiday for humans, but a stressful day for many pets who may become frightened by the bright lights and loud sounds of fireworks. shared nine ways to …

Hot Weather – Cool Pets

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    With the hot weather we’ll all be enjoying outside activities, and there are special safety concerns when it comes to your four-footed friends. Pet expert Warren Eckstein has some advice on how to keep your pets cool in hot weather.   HEATSTROKE This is the most serious and dangerous thing to worry about with your pet in the …

Help the Hundreds of Sick Sea Lions Along Our Shores

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UPDATE: The California Wildlife Center has begun construction of an emergency seal rehabilitation facility in the Santa Monica Mountains. Read more. For the last couple of weeks, Heal the Bay staff have fielded questions about the hundreds of sea lion pups washing up on our local beaches. We love these animals too, so we’re very concerned. We’ve contacted our partners and compiled …

Questions and answers on dogs and Ebola risk

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Monkeys, bats and a menagerie of animals can spread Ebola. Now there’s worry that dogs – or one dog in particular – might spread it, too. Officials in Madrid got a court order to euthanize the pet of a Spanish nursing assistant who has the deadly virus. No case of Ebola spreading to people from dogs has ever been documented, …

Make Dog Tail Docking Illegal in Washington

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Tail docking – chopping off most of a dog’s tail at birth – was once a procedure with purpose. However, as the years progressed the procedure that was originally done to aid in work tasks became a procedure done for aesthetic purposes. Tail docking is no longer necessary for household pets. Nevertheless, many breeds are trademarked by their docked tail. Tail docking is illegal in many countries; if Washington were to ban tail docking many states would follow suit.

Tail docking is common in the history of many breeds. The miniature schnauzer originally had a docked tail because it was thought to increase agility, protect from rabies and strengthen the back. The breed was created to hunt rats; a tail would have been a perfect grip for an angry and startled rat. Miniature schnauzers are now bred as companion animals, though tail docking is still commonplace. The procedure is currently done only to uphold a certain image.

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