Tribute to Boomerang

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Born on a beautiful summer day
He arrived from a place far, far away
Boomerang was his chosen name
My life changed, never to be the same.

His heart was filled to the brim with love
He was indeed a miracle, sent from above
When he became sick, I cried inside
By some miracle, he survived the rough ride.

His life continued for awhile
Just his presence made me smile
The doctor said he could not stay
I adored him, continued to hope and pray.

In my heart, I knew he would not last
He was an angel, a gift from the past
More precious than diamonds, platinum or gold
Boomerang was a blessing, a miracle to behold.

When the time came to say good-bye
He departed Earth, but did not die
His soul still sends me unconditional love
Someday he’ll return from that place up above.

Arlene Millman