The Creative Cat

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creative catCats love to play with their human companions; some cats develop way of signaling their desire to play with you. They may tap you gently on the leg or arm, or meow in a special way which means, “Let’s play a game.” Oriental breeds are particularly vocal anyway, and are most likely to “ask” when they want to play with you.
Cats also seem to develop favorite games, and can become quite eccentric in their choice of toys. You may go to the pet store and charge up lots of cat toys which your cat disdainfully ignores in favor of an old cork, crumbled paper, or an old bag or cardboard box.
Both sound and texture are important to cats, and they usually prefer lightweight objects to play with. Feline games are really mock hunting rituals, and can be roughly divided into catching mice; catching birds; and fishing. When you are playing with your cat it can be a good idea to bear in mind, and play with them before meals. It may help your cat work up and appetite especially if they’re finicky.
It’s very important to understand that by nature, cats are nomadic which simply means they travel from one place to another. The fact that we keep them in our homes and safe indoors “which I recommend” it’s up to us to provide the mental stimulation that they would receive in the wild. Keeping some cat items the same is important, but making sure that there are constantly new item for your cat to explore. And what about catnip, one third of cats will not respond , but if your cat enjoys a little catnip buzz once in a while that’s o.k. but don’t be surprised if you come home and find you cat on his back listening to Jim Morrison and The Doors.