Suzy Q

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I will always remember you, Suzy Q,
The day you came to me, from the cold outdoors,
Your velvet coat, your gentle ways,
We were meant to be.

You comforted me in sorrow when things went wrong,
I pined for you when I could not have you with me,
But when I got my own place I came,
Took you out of a cold bathroom and back into warmth.

The happy months flew by, and all too suddenly,
Illness I could not understand then claimed you,
I was at your side when you left me.
But bitterness I have none.

Sometimes I dream of you and you reassure me,
That everything’s all right with you,
No more pain; be happy,
I got another cat, but no one takes your place in my heart.

We’ll meet again, someday, I know,
With all my furry friends,
You’ve shown me how love can endure,
Until the very end.

Marie Rudys