Saint Shannon

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“Your dog died? That’s too bad,” said my friend. Let’s talk, let’s walk, let’s be just the way we always are… those were the thoughts of my friend. I tried to be just as light and warm and easy as I always am with everyone…friends and new acquaintances.

But it was difficult, for you see…just that day my friend and companion for almost fifteen years had died. Saint Shannon was my Irish Setter…he was wonderful and he helped me raise my daughters. They turned into lovely, sweet adults…friendly, with the same charming manner of the big friendly red dog with the forever-wagging tail.

I started to think about the character of a dog and what it is about a dog that makes him such a great supporter of the human race. And I thought…a dog does not judge, a dog does not care if your hair is combed, or if you are dressed in the latest fashion. He doesn’t even care if you have just washed your hands when you stroke his head. He just loves. He accepts his owners just the way they are…and that is the same way that the Supreme Something accepts us.

If we want to become better people, more loving and more giving…fine, but the Universal Being loves us the way we are and truly helps us become sweeter humans every day. The God in us…the most pleasant special part of us…is very similar to the adoring instinct of loving dogs.

I treasure those years with my Saint-With-Four-Feet…some of the best memories of my life are intertwined with the life of the giving dog. His name was Shannon…he was a saint disguised in the red-gold, satiny sheen of Irish Setter fur.

The Spirit of a big red dog
forever sleek
forever running
Golden ears flying in the celestial wind…
My Saint Shannon is free.

Karila Somer