Prana Bird

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Last night, I lost my very first bird
He departed Earth, without a word
Just twenty-three years, and in his prime
How I wish for just a little more time.

Time to share in life’s simple pleasures
Sweet memories, I’ll always treasure
Bonds of love, so strong and steady
Why did you leave? I was not ready.

Prana Bird, you lived up to your name
Jubilant, zany, and semi-tame
Smart as a whip, bright as a penny
Your flawless speech astounded many.

Glossy blue feathers, a deep gold chest
A regal macaw, you were the best
Prana means energy, from the Sun
You and the Universe, are now one.

Sadly, Arlene Millman author of BOOMERANG – A MIRACLE TRILOGY (The tale of a remarkable Boston Terrier)