Farewell to Stubby

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A sudden splash of liquid amber reds below
The green and yellow mountain base.
Each morning offers a new show.
Chill now blowing hair and face.

I’ve lost my dear sweet kitty.
I miss her even though,
She lived a long and happy life.
It pains me even so.

The rains are fast approaching
And the mornings colder still,
With winter frost encroaching
I feel the bone deep chill.

Tonight I can look forward to
An evening full of laughter.
Not feeling half as blue,
With little paws a pitter patter.

I’ve a newly rescued small companion.
I waited nearly too long in tears.
Her heart as open as a canyon.
Has she no real or imagined fears?

It takes the chill off the winter night
That approaches like demise.
To love again from first sight
A black and white her size.

And so the chapter and the verse
Begin again secure,
And saddened feelings can reverse.
I know it’s not a cure.

A nesting place for my love,
Animals are such good friends.
Sweet Pali fits me like a glove,
As Stubby’s soul ascends.

Karen Pratt