Dog Bite Prevention

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BEAUTIFUL YORKIEIt is estimated that 4.7 million people, most of them children, are bitten annually by dogs in the United States.

According to the AVMA, 80% of dog bites occur in the home.

Sixty percent of those bitten are children.

The majority of these dog bites could be prevented by education and responsible pet ownership.

Dogs who are socialized properly and live with responsible owners are much less apt to bite.

Dogs who are spayed and neutered are three times less likely to bite.

Basic rules for greeting a strange dog:

–Never pet a dog without asking the owner if it’s OK

–Curl fingers, let the dog smell the back of your hand

–Never walk up behind a dog

–Never tease a dog

–Don’t go after their food or toys

What are the warning signs of an aggressive dog?

–Hair on neck raised (hackles)

–Raised lip, the more teeth the more aggression

–Raised tail

–Snarling and barking with growl


What should you do if you come across an aggressive dog?

–No fast jerky motions

–Act unconcerned

–Don’t stare in dogs eyes

–Place object between you and dog (i.e. bicycle)

–Hop on car hood or tree

–Feed your jacket or books to dog if he tries to bite

–If all else fails, lay face down on ground, cover head with hands, stay still, this is a non-threatening position from the dogs point of view