Dangerous Pet Toys

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RAWHIDE CHEWThe Holidays are here, and the pet shops are crammed with toys. Many of them look like great fun but you should check any toy very carefully before purchasing, just as you would if you were choosing something for a baby or small child. Can your pet chew or pull off any loose pieces from the toy? If they can or might be able to, then don’t buy the toy.

In fact, as you get to know each other better, you and your pets will soon learn to make your own toys and games. And with patience you should be able to teach your pet some simple tricks. Most pets get a great kick out of pleasing the owner in this way, so always encourage
your pets to play by rewarding them with hugs and kisses.

I always recommend that people have lots of toys and games for their pets — but with well-meaning friends and family, make sure you check out all their gifts before giving them to your pets.