Celebrity Pet Psychic Melissa Bacelar and Healer Gabriela Castillo

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Celebrity Pet Psychic Melissa Bacelar and Healer Gabriela Castillo have always been passionate about animals and their well being. Both admit to having natural abilities from childhood in animal communication and healing that were clearly seen by others. Throughout their formative years they both pursued learning about their gifts and how to use them; however, it wasn’t until their adulthood that they really “came out of the closet,” applying their talents and committing themselves to professionally helping both animals and their people. Using their respective skills in animal communication and energetic healing, Melissa Bacelar and Gabriela Castillo now team up on a regular basis to help animals and their people live better lives together.

Celebrity Pet Psychic, Melissa Bacelar on Animal Communication…

I have always been “animal obsessed” and over the past few years my obsession has grown into a blatant lifestyle. I don’t care who knows it. I talk about dogs, read about cats, brush horses and cows, and now I am at a whole new level: instead of talking dogs, I talk to dogs!

About three years ago I adopted a little black Cocker Spaniel off of Petfinder.com. He was about four years old and emaciated. His caretaker brought him to my house, but she didn’t tell him goodbye. I stood there with my husband, my pit mix, and my two other cocker spaniels and thought, I guess we have a fourth dog.

His tag said Camenbert. We tried calling him that and Cammie and Bert, but none of these worked, and he stood at our front door looking so sad. After a while my dogs gave up on him and went to bed. My husband told me the dog would be fine and I should come to bed too, but I had an ache in my heart knowing that the dog was confused. I knew that even though his previous owner was not as nice to him as I was going to be, he still longed for that person.

So I sat next to him and just started mentally picturing all of the fun things we would soon be doing together. I showed him toys, and beds, and car rides and then finally I said (telepathically), “You will never be away from me. I am going to love you for the rest of your life. What do you want me to call you?” I got his answer loud and clear: “Joey.” Then this tiny, bony, smelly Cocker Spaniel moved away from the door and walked into my bedroom. I watched him walking and he turned to me as if to say, “Well? Show me my bed!”

And that was it. I thought I was making up the dialogue at the time. We all look at our dogs and think we know what they want and think, but I started studying and slowly realized that I can telepathically pick up on animals’ real feelings, emotions, wants, and thoughts.

Here’s the tricky part: Animals don’t talk like we do. They have a few words here and there, but generally they show you things. So you have to learn to think like a dog. The other night my friend rescued a dog from the shelter, and when he got him home, the dog escaped. I have never been to this friend’s house, so when he asked me to talk to the dog and tell him to come home, I was frantic. It was late and I could feel the dog was looking for the people who originally owned him. The dog kept showing me cars in the distance, lots of cars. He was seeing the cars through bushes. He also showed me tons of shrubs and leaves and an orange—over and over, an orange.

I told my friend this and he explained that the 405 freeway was behind his house, through fences and bushes. This made sense, but still the dog could be anywhere. I then asked the dog how far he was, and he showed me that he was now resting and that he only went a short distance. This, of course, was not helping so we started calling the police and animal shelters. Sure enough, someone had reported a dog on my friend’s street! They said they cornered him in their yard and he was lying under an orange tree. So this dog was telling me the right things, but solving the case took some help.

Now that you get a general idea of what I can see, let me tell you what I’m going to do. Each issue, I’m going to answer 5 questions about your pets, living or passed. I’ll need a photo and a name, and if your photo is 300 dpi or larger, your dog will be considered for inclusion in the next issue of this magazine, along with your answers! I’m here to answer anything. Just remember, my answers are what your animal wants you to hear; I just talk to them. So if you ask them what they want to eat and they show me a big steak, it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy them a steak! Just think of me as a Dear Abby. Only instead of human relationship issues, I deal in dogs, cats, pigs, or whatever other furry creature you have.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know your animal companions. Please email your questions to animalsrstars@gmail.com and put “American Dog” in the subject line. Talk to you and your pets soon!

Healer, Gabriela Castillo (HEALERtv.com) on Energetic Healing …

Animals are, and always have been, my passion. But guess what? People are animals too! My practice is based on distance energetic healing, which allows me to work with clients from all over the world and with animals big and small, wild and domestic. I have dedicated my work to helping transform how we, their human partners, perceive, communicate with and treat them. Every day my work is an adventure as I help animals and their people to transform their behavioral issues, which are commonly caused by physical illness and injury as well as emotional trauma. My work compliments that of other professionals like veterinarians, trainers, behaviorists, nutritionists and other holistic practitioners.

Mainstream science understands and believes that everything, including humans, is made up of energy and vibrates at different frequencies. Energy therapy helps modify the frequencies of a person, animal and/or a geographical place back to a state of balance. A client’s mind, body and soul resonate with the therapy and thus allows for transformational healing on all levels. Working with me does not require that you necessarily believe in energy healing or are even aware of the therapy session. When energy is facilitated through a healer toward a person, animal, plant or even a place (yes, energy healing can help reset the energy of a house and aid in paranormal disturbances which sometimes also causes problems for animal companions too), it positively affects that which it is aimed at on a core level. In some cases the process takes a bit of time to be noticed. In other cases, the transformation into a state of balance happens instantly – what some would call a miracle.

I also teach clients about Emotional Literacy For Animals or E.L.A. What surprises them is that this also helps them to have better skills in their relationships with other people. This “by-product” of the work is often a happy surprise for my clients. I think that probably the best way to illustrate what I do, and the results of the work, is to share a recent client case.

A client, whom I’ll call Pat, contacted me. She had two cats who were not getting along, thus creating an unhappy home environment. One cat is a senior male Pat had rescued and been living with for a while and the other cat, a rather quirky mature female, was brought in later, when a relative of Pat’s passed away, leaving the cat behind. Even before I got the names of the cats I got clear information about their personalities and what was going on. They both appeared to me in my mind and I knew they were listening to our conversation. Pat wanted to do the three sessions I recommend doing in order to help bring resolution to a situation. Keep in mind I never got to meet Pat or go to her home, as I do distance work. That evening when Pat got home from work after our initial phone conversation, she was greeted at her door by both cats sitting together starting at her. She felt (and I knew) that this was a signal from the cats: they had got the message and were ready to begin to work out their issues.

Over the course of the three sessions there were glimmers of behavioral change and resolution. However, as the sessions progressed I picked up a crucial bit of information: the male cat’s behavior served as a mirror for what Pat’s relationships looked like with people. In the de-briefs Pat confirmed the “hit” I got that all her partners had always isolated her, not giving her room to see her friends or do things on her own, and the male cat was behaving that way toward the female cat, not allowing her to be a part of the family. It was a big “ah-ha” moment for Pat. The female cat was a bit of a quirky nut. I told Pat that if this female cat were a person, she would be a shut-in with a major OCD issue, to which Pat laughed out loud in confirmation. Her male cat found the female cat ridiculous and refused to “like” her. Some of the information came from the cats (through words, as Melissa describes, or through feelings and pictures, while some information came through psychically). In my energy sessions, I also communicated with the male telling him, “I agree she’s weird and yes, you don’t have to like her! But you have to make room for her in this new family. There is enough room and love to go around. “

Let’s just say he was very reluctant to change his behavior at first. You can tell an animal or a person what the right thing to do is, but accepting this and doing it is a whole other ball game. That is where the energy work comes in: the energy work helps to transform problems like this. Pat’s “ah-ha” moment about her relationships created a conscious energetic shift in her about what and whom she wanted in her life. This also helped the cats to shift their way of being. It actually allowed them to be the best of themselves, rather than acting out on negative emotions and behaviors.

Not long after, Pat sent me a wonderful gift: a photo of the two cats sleeping together on the bed when she woke up one morning after the three sessions were complete. Previously, the male had always made sure the female was not allowed on the bed. The energy work, the communication work and Pat’s shift all contributed to allowing these two cats to have a kinder and more compassionate way of being with each other and therefore giving Pat peace and happiness in her home. In a nutshell, this is an example of how energetic healing can help people and their animal companions to live the best lives possible together! Find out more at HEALERtv.com

Melissa and Gabriela both know that animal communication and healing come in many forms. They work hand in hand to create the best harmony that can be achieved between other species and the humans who love them. Their websites and fees can be found here –

for Melissa Bacelar http://www.celebritypetcommunicator.com/

for Gabriela Castillo http://www.healertv.com

Some of you may need to work with both of them and some may only feel the need to work with one or the other. You’ll know what’s best for you. Go with your instincts, love your animals and know they are a blessing every day you have them in your lives!