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Black Lab born 23 December 94
Oh so loved by me forever more

Ball of beautiful, black, silky fur
Loved greatly you are and were

Given as a Present for Valentine’s Day
Give him up, NO WAY!

Tasty treats for you to earn
Many tricks you did learn

Sit up, also give me five
High five and barks do thrive

Pick up your empty food bowl
Also play dead as you roll

Always knew when I was sad
Cheered me up when things were bad

Put your paw on my leg
To comfort me and not to beg

Loved all kinds of beautiful cats
Didn’t like to wear fancy hats

Cancer grew big on your neck
Vet said he could not do heck

Surgery could not be done
Growth this race it has won

Seven short months have gone by
Now I begin to greatly cry

Ben now having trouble breathing
This loving owner you will be leaving

To the vet to get a shot
Suffering you will do not

Peacefully left me on 27 January 03
To be with my husband in Heaven pain free

In Loving Memory of Ben
23 December 94 – 27 January 03