Update on the Angels on Death Row Chihuahua rescue story

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ChihuahuaWarren’s visit to the Garuda Halfway House, Sedona, Arizona


chi13One Year Later…

chi12Ani Pema and Ani Tenzin with Zena and Daphne…

chi19Sausages – someone said they couldn’t be rehabilitated?

chi2Mama Cuddles – This was the first time we carried Mama (Mamba) outside without a crate

chi10Olivia and her mom Laura

chi1Blondie and Mama September 03

chi4Blondie, Mama and Foxy

chi3Blondie Aug 03 – Blondie (Bonnie Petunia) when she first came stayed huddled under a chair most of the time

chi8Olivea Sammi & Ollie arrive