The Chair at the End of the Hallway of My Heart

Julie Ever After

By Richard Lee Barz

Dedicated to my sister, Lucinda Clark & “Harley”


There is a chair in a hallway that is long and sits by my heart.

Upon that chair there sits my pets.


Every so often the chair is empty with the passing of my pets. In these instances my soul sits on the chair grieving for them until God sends another pet along.


The Lord talks to my soul saying, “I really owned them and it was time for them to come home.

I loaned them to you so that you wouldn’t be lonely or feel all alone.


But don’t you worry or cry another tear,

They are in my arms and you’ll soon see them again in Heaven to play throughout the years.”


Then I hear a puppy crying or a kitten meowing there and the Lord says

“These are your new children, take care of them for awhile!!

Treat them very kindly from the chair that sits by your heart.”


As I rise from the chair, the animals are there.

The animals say “I love you daddy, now we are in your care.”


My heart is warmed with gladness because the chair is not bare.

On the chair sits my new babies who are in Special Care!


It takes a special person to raise and love a pet.

The love that they leave you as they are called to Heaven is the final test.


So trust in the Lord for when they leave and the chair is once again bare.

Soon another bundle of love from the Lord will appear on the chair.


Finally just remember the good times you had with them,

And how fortunate you were allowed to be with them. Amen!