Thanks and update on Tuxedo

admin Thanks Warren

Hi Warren,

Thank you for helping me get through the horrible decision of having to amputate Tuxedo’s hind leg.

You were so kind on the radio and offered such hope that he would do fine as a tripod. It has been 4 weeks since his surgery and he is doing amazingly well. He is able to jump onto the sofa and parts of the kitty condo with ease and has totally ignored the 2 step stools I purchase and placed next to my bed and jumped onto the rattan nightstand instead.

Felix (his younger brother) was distant for a couple of weeks, never aggressive, but now they are back to sleeping together, licking each other’s heads, and headbonking. Hopefully, soon Tux can chase Felix.

I hope my story gets to your listeners and helps them know that even if it comes to having a leg amputation our pets do OK and are still themselves and can lead a quality pet life.

Thanks again for everything you do!!!!