Thank you from woman whose husband left for Afghanistan

admin Thanks Warren

dog on blanketDear Warren,

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful words of advice.

My husband left Sept 11th for Afghanistan, and once again my 2 cairn terriers were getting depressed and moping around. I took your advice, we purchased new toys, dishes and puppy blankets for the pups before dad left.

When Sept 11 came around my husband gave the pups their new toys and the blanket (he slept with for a few days before that his scent was all over it).

For a few days after he left I was expecting the depression of the dogs, and it did come, but this time I took them on different walks, rides in Dad’s truck. No picnics yet, but we are going to have a play date with my sister in laws pup soon.

The moping around only lasted a few days instead of a few thank you thank you thank you..

Its going to be a long 8 months but we are going to be just fine. And the pups share and love the blanket that has ”Daddy ” all over it.

God bless you and all the work you do.