Thank You

Julie Thanks Warren

I’ve been using Hugs and Kisses since Warren first developed it, when it was only available mail order.

At the time, I had a little Keeshond, Shadow, who had all sorts of skin problems: flea-allergy dermatitis, hot spots, etc. Warren kept talking about a supplement he was developing to help skin problems, etc. When Hugs and Kisses FINALLY came out, I thought I’d try a container to see if it really was as good as Warren said.

Well, I saw results WITHIN 2 WEEKS!!! Shadow NEVER had a hot spot or flea problems again, and his coat was gorgeous until the end (I lost him September 8, 2001 at age 15 1/2).

I’ve been using Hugs and Kisses on all my dogs (gets a bit expensive for 50 lb Norwegian Elkhounds, but it’s worth it!), and have recommended it to MANY, who also rave about the results. I now buy it at Petland Discounts.

Thank You!

Posted by Marion O’Rourke, Rockaway, New Jersey on 09/14/2010 at 3:03 PM