Thank You

Julie Thanks Warren

Hey Warren,
Back around the mid 1970’s you came to my house at Hewlett Ave. in Merrick, Long Island and taught me how to train my Irish Setter FLAME. I wonder if you could possibly remember that??? I’ve continued to use your methods with all of my pets, my wife, my son, my two daughters, only kidding…, and I always receive compliments on how well behaved my dog SHEBA is.(Border Collie Mix) I tell everyone that some long haired hippie named Warren Eckstein is responsible for all of her good training. When I tell them what you were like back then, nobody believes me. Hey, Now Don’t expect any royalties though!!! I just want to say Thanks for everything… You’ve helped bring joy to my life through my pets and “our” Good Habits!!!
Best regards,
Jan S. Brewster, NY