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A great way to splurge $10,000 

– The Perfect Pooch – 

I love my dog. She’s now three and a wonderful member of the family. But for the first two years of her life, she was a total pain. She chewed furniture, ate the new upholstery off my couch and nuzzled up to us just enough to make it worthwhile. Now my kids are asking for another pup. I’d be willing except that I’m not up to another two years of torn Teddy bears – and brown grass in all the wrong places. 

The good news: For $10,000, I can skip the bad parts. First, I’d spend $1,000 on a bearded collie from a quality breeder, complete with shots and a veterinary checkup.

The rest of the dough buys me a week with pet trainer and psychologist Warren Eckstein. He’d move into my abode and train not just my pup, but my family. 

Eckstein prefers to start with dogs at just eight weeks of age, before they’ve picked up bad habits.

Warren Eckstein 

“By the time they’re 12 weeks, most pups think their name is ‘No’, because that’s the only word they hear.” 

A week later, Eckstein swears, the pup will know the basic doggie commands – as well as his boundaries: no chewing, no jumping and (most important) no eating my reupholstered couch. 

Perhaps his older sister will take a lesson too.
– Jean Sherman Chatzky.

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