San Francisco Bay Area Pet Fair

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nelsonWarren’s Diary of his Personal Appearance in San Francisco

Warren met Denna and her dog Nelson – a disabled Terrier mix without either of his front legs.

Denna: Nelson he is a wonderful little guy. He was found on the streets in Sacramento and ended up at the pound there. Someone rescued him from there and he ended up at a foster home in Redding, CA.

He was on the Pets with Disabilities website and adopted by a lady in the D.C. area. My partner knew the lady and agreed to take him to D.C. from SFO. Nelson ended up at our house for a few days before she took him and he bonded with me. 

Anyway, after about a month in D.C., the lady said it wasn’t working out. She lived in a 3rd floor condo and had a bad back, but thought he would be able to get up and down the stairs. He can manage a couple of stairs but not 3 floors. 

So, Kathy went back to pick him up with the idea of finding him a good home. However, after a couple of days, Nelson decided he was already home and we have worked it out even though we both travel with our jobs. 

Warren: What a great ending to such a tough start! It’s amazing people like Denna and Kathy who are truly my heroes. 

It’s amazing! Having worked with hundreds of physically challenged pets, I’ve learned that they’re not even aware of the challenge – it’s only we who perceive it as such.

leoWarren schmoozes with ones of his favorite breeds: the Leonberger. From Leos in Need Rescue, Inc. are Cindy Stratton and her dog Kingston and Janet Diersen with her Leo, Cyrus. Photo: Denise Madden

micWarren shares his 960AM Quake Radio microphone with “FETCH The Paper” promoter Sandy Lurins. Photo: Megan Steffen

moreWarren is introduced to “Easy,” The last Hurricane Katrina dog adopted in San Francisco. Christina Lull, Warren and Susan Simons of Pet’s Lifeline with “Easy.” Photo: Megan Steffen