Pets On The Couch

Julie Scrapbook


Hotel Palomar, Westwood’s premier pet-friendly hotel, has launched the first-ever, Sit, Bark, Sip “Happy Hour” for pet owners & their furry companions on January 28th 2010. Warren Eckstein, Host of the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein” heard locally on radio stations KRLA 870AM and KTIE 590AM, appeared live on stage from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. 

Eckstein, an internationally known pet and animal expert who has counseled the pets of such stars as David Letterman, Al Pacino and Rodney Dangerfield, will be performed his popular “Pet on the Couch” act for the guests and their dogs. As a part of the show, Eckstein will be selected pets and their owners from the audience in order to analyze their mutual problems, and covered other topics including Sex and the Single Dog, Your Pet’s Midlife Crisis, or Is Your Pet Acting a Bit Schizo? An audience of 150 with almost as many dogs, attended, with refreshments and food served. 

Eckstein, whose radio talk show on pets and animals is heard on more than 100 affiliates, is also the author of 11 books on pets, including Pet Aerobics, How To Get Your Dog to Do What You Want, and Memories of a Pet Therapist: A Tail All Book. As a pet therapist, he dispenses pet behavior and psychology advice, and for that reason he’s been nicknamed “The Dr. Phil of Pets.”