Maria Danes’ CD

Julie Scrapbook

maria danes shelter meAs heard on ‘The Pet Show’. All funds raised from sales of this CD are donated to small not-for-profit animal rescue organizations.

A collection of songs written especially to raise awareness of issues
affecting bull breed dogs is to be released this month by UK
singer/songwriter Maria Daines. The 6 track CD, entitled ‘Not Guilty!’
includes The Staffie Song, Sad, Crazy, Law, I’m Coming Home, Where do all
the Angels Go? Pit Bull, and title track Not Guilty! Inspired by the story
of American Bulldogs, Brandy and Karma who were incarcerated in police
kennels for 18 months, accused of being of pit bull type.

The CD is being released in association with DDA Watch, a UK volunteer
group that campaigns to find fair, workable solutions that can better
protect the public without compromising the lives and welfare of countless
dogs who have never acted dangerously.

Funds raised from sales of this CD go directly to bull breed rescue. Visit to order your copy today.

The CD will benefit bull breed rescue and help to raise awareness of breed specific legislation and its detrimental effect on bull breed dogs and their responsible owners, coast to coast, world wide.

Thank you for your support!