Keeping Your Pet’s Skin and Coat Healthy in the Cold Weather

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dog plays in snowDuring the winter months, dry skin & excessive shedding are major concerns for pet guardians. I’ve put together some of my top tips for keeping your pets coat in tip-top shape during the cold weather.

1. It’s very important to brush your pets frequently during the winter. This will help to remove the dead hair and dander.

2. Many owners think the answer to dry skin is to bathe your dog frequently. But during the cold weather bathe your pets only when necessary; too much bathing will strip the natural oils in your pet’s skin.

3. Only bathe with moisturizing shampoos made for dogs. Their pH is different than ours, so your shampoos are not recommended — it can be too harsh for your pet’s skin.

4. After bathing I strongly suggest using a moisturizer/conditioner made for your pets.

5. Remember that healthy skin and hair comes from within your pets. I recommend a good quality dog or cat food supplemented with a high quality supplement like HUGS &KISSES with the #1 ingredient being NATURAL LECITHIN.

Don’t let your pets suffer this winter — follow my advice and your pet won’t be scratching and licking. Instead they’ll be enjoying their time with you.