Justin Bieber May Have Gotten a Pet Kitten

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Justin Bieber allegedly got a new pet

Given his history with animals, many wonder why Justin Bieber would even think about getting a new pet.

I mean, there was the hamster that died, the boa constrictor that was auctioned off for charity and the monkey that got confiscated by German authorities.

Still, it seems that the pop star did more than just toy with the idea of welcoming a new animal into his life: he went ahead and got one.

An adorable-looking Persian kitten, to be more precise.

Pictures posted on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account show this kitten lounging on what appears to be the seat of a car.

“This chick thinks she’s a model,” one of the captions reportedly reads.

Well, if it’s true that this kitten is Justin’s new pet, I can only wish it the best of luck and hope that its fate will be somewhat different from that of all the other animals the pop star has called his BFFs over the years.