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It was so easy, our smart’ little’ pup 
Knew to go out, I didn’t have to get up

He was house broken,.in no time,at all

To the side of the house, in the back, by the wall

We bragged of his brilliance, to all who would listen 
Till I stepped on the carpet and my bare foot did glisten

I guess to a pup built close to the ground

The grass and the shag have a similar sound

Both tickle his tummy as he walks on his way 
To do the job he has to each day

We are patient and loving, not the kind prone to yell 
He’s now seven and learning, but not very well

As he heads toward the door looking confused 
We race to encourage him, the outside to use

One thing’s for certain about the brain of a pup 
When a thought is put in there, it’s hard to give up

Carol Tanko