The Seasons of a Lifetime

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To Brina

In the twilight of a lifetime,
When the winter winds have come,
I remember back to Springtime,
Back to days when you were young.

I remember happy moments
And the joys of Springtime days,
I remember our beginnings…
Of your sweet and loving ways.

And, I long to stay and linger,
For we always had such fun.
But, all too soon our Springtime
Has turned to Summer’s sun.

And, though the Summer days are warm,
And we think they all will last,
All too soon, those warm days
Are simply a thing of the past.

Autumn comes to all of us,
It did to me and you.
But, Autumn days don’t linger,
They’re short and far too few.

Now, the Winter wind is blowing,
And the skies are turned to grey.
The days have come that I have dreaded
When you must go away.

And I hold you as you’re sleeping,
As the snow begins to fall.
And I feel you softly leave me
As you answer heaven’s call.

And, I long for one more lifetime,
Four more seasons to a year!
To be with my old friend again,
To have you still so near!

The seasons of a lifetime,
All to quickly come and go.
Springtime turms to Winter
Before you even know.

But the seasons up in heaven
Are Springtime all year through
And I’m very sure – my old friend –
I’ll spend them, one day, with you!

Judith A. Sellins – Westerly, R.I.