We're Moving. Should I bring our feral cat family with us, or leave them here?

  • November 30, 2017 at 9:06 am #14988

    We’ve adopted a family of ferals: 3 kittens and mom. Kittens will be 1 year old in March. We’ve had three of the cats fixed and will soon do the fourth one. These cats were born somewhere on our property and have grown up here in our backyard, garage and patio. They are now part of our family. Two of the kittens allow us to pet them. The other two don’t but they hang out here with us and very much consider us their family (I think). They get fed twice a day and occasionally come inside the house. We have all grown very fond of them.

    But we are going to move in the summer. We’re planning on finding a house with a large property where we could have a dog, the cats…maybe some chickens if I can find a way to keep the cats at bay.

    What should I do about these kitties? Would it be better to relocate them with us or to leave them here and hope the new owners will be willing to adopt? I am heartbroken. I very much want them to come with us, but I don’t know what will be less stressful for the cats!

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