Two pups/dogs, or One?

  • May 10, 2018 at 5:38 pm #15421

    Hello. I’m not a listener to the show (yet), but I’m aware of it as a KRLA regular for politics & news. I’ve been a dog-person since my youth but haven’t owned a dog since my last one died about a decade ago. Along with 2 of my daughters, now ages 16 & 21, I’m considering becoming a dog owner again. I work during the day and have a big yard but most of it is patio. I live in Carson Calif with direct sun with a daily Pacific ocean breeze. My neighborhood houses cats that roam the street, and occasionally possums get onto my patio. I am considering getting two puppies that I hope to train to be comfortable both inside and outside the house.

    I’m looking at a male Labrador Retriever and male Boxer AKC puppies, and am hoping that acquiring them as puppies will enable them to not be lonely while I’m away during the day, and also to coexist peacefully/playfully. Is this just hopeful thinking? Are both breeds considered to be okay together?

    The reason I’m considering the two separate breeds is because I prefer to have a Boxer but my daughters really have their hearts set on a Labrador Retriever. So I’m thinking why not both right from the start?

    Would it be easier to manage them if both pups were female rather than male?
    Or should I get only one puppy, and introduce a 2nd pup after the first one is grown and trained?
    Or should I really just get one dog since it’s been so long since I’ve had one?

    Any advice is really appreciated for I’ve never owned more than one dog before.

    Thanks .. Robert

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