Do Dog's Have a Sense of Fairness?

  • August 9, 2016 at 12:37 pm #13696

    I am Mom to the best little spoiled Chi in the whole wide world. I love him to pieces and let him get away with a lot, things I would never be able to let a larger dog do (like jumping on me/the furniture, etc).

    I often think about getting a companion for my guy, but if I do I would want a “full size” dog. My question is – would dog #2 know that he was treated differently than the Chi in some cases and feel it unfair? Would he think himself the red headed step dog? Or are dogs not able to discern the differences in treatment?

    Of course he would receive the same care, love and affection as the small dog – I just wouldn’t be able to be as permissive with a big dog.

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